of the “void” in his book The Power of Now. I could feel myself being sucked into a void. It felt Introductio AttrAct Money now! - Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones'. You can also get the downloadable PDF version of Attract Money Now Click here to get FREE instant access to the Attract Money Now PDF. success, this book shares what it takes to go from poverty to wealth and to unleash your full potential as a world-class contributor. Attract Money Now is a.

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I'm going to give away Attract Money Now to help you and anyone else who is struggling right now. Attract Money NOW G U ARANTEE D A uthor ' s A ma z ing I ntroduction r Money will match your min Authors Amazing Introduction I'm so. PS – What other ways are there to attract money now using the law of attraction and the Anyways, the book is as a PDF format and its really given for free.

When you change your perspective, you can make the shift from poor to rich smoothly and fast. The thoughts as well as actions of a person making money successfully are in good harmony with wealth creation. While some of the perceptions that rich have about wealth creation can shock you and break what is considered as the norm in society, it is true that when you get rid of the limiting mentality that you cannot rise above your present financial status, you can make unlimited wealth yours for good.

The usual and dull way of doing business is to market a product that you believe is of high quality and of use to the masses. This is also the right and best way to conduct business, if the world is a perfect place. But since this is not the case, you need to alter your perceptions accordingly.

Most often people do not have the trait of recognizing a good quality product that is sold to them. Even worse is the fact that most often people do not know what is right for them. So you need to get away from what you think is the right way to success. Take for instance the coke companies that mint money like anything.

Attract Money Now

In spite of the product being proved as not good for people in general, it is selling like hotcakes and making money for its makers. This goes to show that there are more ways to get to the success path and not all of them are what we had thought of them to be. So get away from the victim mentality. Stop making excuses for your state of wealth or lack of it and start focusing on taking positive action to create or attract wealth into your life.

While a positive attitude and wealth creation mentality is ideal for achieving success, you need to consider those around you too. In my opinion, you are defined by those who surround you. While each individual has his own set of failures and successes, some of the choices we make are not necessarily the right ones. And one of them is being with negative and discouraging people. Although we try to retain our individuality, we essentially reflect the thoughts of those around us.

The behaviours and actions they do resonate and influence the choices you make. You need encouragement and the feeling of happiness to make any endeavour a success. This is possible only when you are with people who help you at your time of need and those who really care.

You need to keep only such people with you and the rest are passersby whom you can ignore. It is your surrounding that shapes you and makes you a success. When you are in control of the actions you take, and on whatever choices you make, surrounding yourself with an engaging and positive environment will further tip the scales in your favour. Look at the successful personalities in the world today, and the way they are in an environment of likeminded and successful people.

You need to realize that even the most successful and powerful individuals have weaknesses like any other normal human being. If you are seeing Jay Z and Warren Buffet having a dinner together this is probably the prime reason. Notable figures or role models in our life need not be famous personalities. They can be someone whom you know personally or a close friend. People who encourage you and guide you, so you can move ahead in your aim of wealth creation are the right ones to frequent.

Most often, our egos misguide us. We tend to ignore our weak points and keep them aside. What you need to do is accept you weaknesses and better still use them to move forward and reach where you wish to be. If you are aiming at attracting wealth, be with people who have similar goals like you or those who have achieved what you want to do. If for instance, you want to start an online company, start networking with those who have already made it big online.

These people have been where you are now and know the ropes, so they have a lot to teach you. On the other hand, get rid of those who do nothing to encourage your dream. When you surround yourself with negative and toxic people, you are killing your dream of attracting wealth. These people do not have a positive impact on your life. They are like leeches who feed on you to take care of their needs.

Individuals who have the undying need for a positive change, leave a lasting impression in your life and they are often more ready to lend a helping hand before they help themselves. When you hear their stories you can gain immense wisdom and learn things that can change your life positively. The initial step to attract wealth is to alter your attitude and thoughts: Are you still thinking that attracting wealth is wrong? Are you a victim of circumstances? Is your lack of wealth due to those around you?

How do you perceive wealth? Do you think, you do not deserve to be rich? Is becoming rich impossible for you? You need to clear you mind of the wrong concepts you have about wealth, so it can manifest truly in you. This can be done by focusing your thoughts and perceptions on wealth, prosperity and money.

PDF Attract Money Now: Easy 7-Step Formula Read Online

Find a room or place where you would be undisturbed for some time. Consider wealth and its meaning in your life. Answer the above questions as honestly as you can. Write down the thoughts you have on this aspect. Write everything both negative and positive until you are devoid of any thoughts or ideas. You will find that you have been acting as a hurdle for your own success. You will realize that it is not the circumstances that surround you, which determine your state of wealth but your positive actions towards creating it.

You will find that it is your fears and doubts that have been preventing you from succeeding in creating wealth. Positive affirmations help you get rid of negative thoughts you have regarding wealth creation. Here are some affirmation you can use in your daily life to program your mind and attract money in abundance. Our thoughts are our best weapon and when they are positive, we can use them effectively to create wealth.

So instead of dwelling on negativity, think positive thoughts, focus on abundance, prosperity and wealth. You will feel the good vibrations and the positive change in your life. Unless you take full responsibility for your lack of wealth, girdle up, and take the necessary action, creating wealth will remain just a dream. If you find yourself in a conundrum, chances are you are not taking any steps that are conducive to attract or create wealth now.

Either you are not doing anything or you have tried, but had failed in your attempts or if you are trying and it is not sufficient. This chapter is to help you take the massive action that will help you build the path to success and get worthwhile results.

The key reason for people failing at their attempts to get rich is that we live in a society, which looks for instant gratification. From the food we eat and the gadgets we use, we are looking for quick fix solutions.

We want everything to happen in a click of the button. However, the reality is getting rich quick is not easy or I should say, impossible, unless you do it by some illegal means, that is. When you look at the easy path, it often ends in all your efforts becoming futile.

In reality, there is no such thing as getting rich quick, as you have no shortcuts to success. For instance, if you copy an existing popular business model, which is making money now, it is certainly a shortcut. There is no guarantee that you may get successful too. However, of course there exist shortcuts like say you get to win the lottery, or are left a big fortune by some relative or marry a super-rich person! When you put in the needed effort and some more and are ready to face defeat and start all over again, you can definitely reach success and attract wealth largely.

When you are creating wealth, the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is that there is no shortcut to become rich. Most of us do not develop the habit of patience and give up at the first sign of failure. While there are plenty of get rich fast schemes out there, they will not satisfy your dream of creating wealth, as they are not real.

While you think that the shortcuts are easier to move in, they are the ways that take longer to reach your destination. Unless you adopt a consistent and patient attitude, you will not get anywhere. In similar fashion,you must understand how money works and what it really means toyou, before you will overcome anything.

Otherwise you will end upsabotaging yourself repeatedly. Have you ever felt like you were just within reach of somethingyou wanted and then blew it at the last second?

This happens frequentlyin sports. One team seems to have the victory in hand and then makesblunder after blunder, until it ends up losing. Why does this happen? People often think that they will have a wealth mindset oncethey have made a lot of money.

The opposite is true. You must have www. Think wealthy now and you will begin to attract money now. There are three core beliefs that have to be released if you want toattract money into your life.

Attract Money Now - 162-page PDF file

You must get past them or they willalways steal your potential. Here they are: Now before you rollyour eyes and wonder what in the world this has to do with makingmoney, listen up. How you feel about yourself determines how muchmoney or anything else that is good flows into your life.

This is not an idea whereyou ever achieve perfection. There will always be more to accomplishand new issues that must be dealt with. As you grow in knowledgeand understanding, you will achieve your potential.

You will alwaysbe working on yourself. All of this is like peeling an onion. Every time you work throughone layer, another appears. In your financial life, these layers andchallenges have nothing to do with the external environment. This is one of the reasons whylimiting beliefs are hard to change. They are invisible and incrediblydestructive. Step 1: Alter How You Think You probably know people who are doing very well financially.

People like Colonel Sanders who created his namesake chickenrecipe during the Depression, opened a restaurant, and now thecompany has locations around the globe. Companies like JohnDeere, which you might have expected to disappear during theGreat Depression, came out of it stronger and is still going strong. These types of companies are all around us and serve as examples ofwhat can be achieved. Theybelieved they could weather the storm and did.

They found out thatnegative news is like a disease and you can choose to allow yourself tobe infected or not.

I wanta raise. Now you may think this is irrational, but is it? Or perhapsa special set of dishes that you only use on holidays? I once had a friend who owned a small ranch. One fall he boughta brand new customized truck and came by to show it to me. It wasgorgeous. He was beaming with pride and you could detect a distinctdifference in the way he walked — like he was feet tall. The nextweek I saw him driving his old truck again and asked what happened.

You willwalk around with the idea that good things only come to others — butthey are not meant for you. The outer always reflectsthe inner. When you experience lack of achievement or when you getclose to a goal only to choke at the last minute, you are struggling withbeliefs that must be addressed.

I know literally thousands of people who use positive affirmationsevery day as a tool to change their beliefs. They can be very effective. The idea is that the more often you say it, the faster you will adopt it asa belief. Unfortunately these affirmations are no match for a limitingbelief that may be lurking inside you. The positive ideas you are tryingto adopt bounce off like a ping-pong ball hitting cement.

The onlyway to change the situation is to acknowledge the underlying beliefand deal with it first. Money Is a Tool for Good There is one additional belief about money that belongs with theother two thieves. This biggest, baddest, boldest, most insidious beliefabout money has been around for literally thousands of years and isstill here now — Money is the root of all evil.

You may have some money temporarily. Just enough to survive on. This includessabotaging your efforts at success. Alter How You Think This one belief has kept generations on the verge of poverty sincethe beginning of time. Moneyis not the root of evil, especially all evil.

The lack of money putspeople in a desperate mindset, and that is the true evil. This principle allows greedand selfishness to manifest in their lives. Chasing money indicates acompetitive mindset that will do anything to have more money.

Itdoes not say that money in and of itself is evil, but that people wholove money are prone to this trait. The Dickens character, Scrooge,is the perfect example of this mindset. He loved his cash money andonly wanted more of it — to the exclusion of everything else in life.

Asmore and more people believe that money is evil, it can be hard tochange the precept and realize the truth.

Thinkabout that. They love the freedomthat money provides. Money is just a scorecard. The money is secondary. Money flows to the wealthy becausethey do not chase it just for the sake of having more. They desirefreedom.

This is an important distinction! When you understand that money is neutral and simply anagreed-upon exchange of value, you will attract money into your liferight away. I went to Ohio to visit my family a while back and I saw oneof my brothers, the youngest in our family. But he looks at my lifeand marvels at it. I told himhow money works, what holds us back, how I overcame my beliefsand how I help others do the same thing.

I could never do that. When you look at it from hisperspective, you can understand this limiting thought process. Then we started talking about my car collection — which amazedhim. It might be next on thelist, you know.

They come in time. Still, there are only so many cars that will fit inside atany given moment! He works at a jobfor a certain amount of money. It really struck me in that moment how verydifferent our thought processes are. My thought processes can comeup with all kinds of options, all kinds of opportunities.

It still takes me by surprise sometimes that my own mindset haschanged so much. I was telling him how I have published over 30 books, several ofwhich have become bestsellers. I felt really good telling him. Then he told me how he sold 30 million copies of one of hisbooks.

Therewill always be more to reach for and more to achieve. The process ofchanging your thoughts to accept each new level of achievement intoyour life is the real challenge.

The basic premise of any clearing technique is that you firstconnect with that belief and become aware of the emotion you haveattached to it. Do you feel sad, mad, or worthless? Now realize that this is just a perception on your part. You chooseto feel the way you do and you can choose to release it. I often www.

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They feel undeserving because they were told that as a child. But is ittrue? Usually, We carry around a whole slew of beliefs fromchildhood. If you were made fun of in second grade because you wereafraid to speak in front of the class, it may have created a long lastingfear of public speaking. But where does that fear stem from? If youmiss a word, is the audience going to jump on stage and devour you? Your logical adult brain can figure this out, but you also have torelease the emotional connection.

This is the real challenge. Think back to a specific incident and recall those emotions.

Doesyour chest feel tight? Do you hold your breath or cringe with fear? These reactions are not in response to a real danger — they are the mindreliving an old incident that no longer can even affect you unless youhang on to that old emotion — that blocks your progress. A lot of people think that positive affirmations will overcomelimiting beliefs, but I disagree. This is why if you just useaffirmations, without dealing with the underlying issues, you willhave limited success, because the limiting belief is still there.

There are many different variations of clearing techniques. This series focusesentirely on eliminating money beliefs that are holding you back. I want you to be aware that all of the things preventing you fromattracting money can be released right now.

Your life can change in ananosecond. Can I really changemy life in a weekend? Alter How You Thinka concept, and it might not have even come from the seminar leader— and something shifted in me and I awakened.

I know many people whoselives have been changed by reading a book. The words awakened them and changedtheir life. I wrote this book with the intent of helping you break throughyour financial barriers. Most people will change other aspects of theirlives — but money is the hardest area for them to grasp.

But you must decide. Are you ready to look into those dark, long-held beliefs and banish them forever? Here I am! Each one in full. Then and only then will you openthe floodgates to your new abundant future. Remember, the first step is to alter how you think aboutmoney. When you realize that it is a neutral force for good, and youdeserve it, then you can begin the process to attract money now.

But understanding and altering how you think is only step one. The first step to attracting money is to change your thoughts and address these underlying limiting beliefs.

Every time you work through one layer, another appears. The wealthy know thatif you chase money, it will always elude you. They also know thatmoney has to circulate, meaning you are a conduit for money, not areceptacle. This is the secret that causes so much confusion. You attractmoney into your life and it sticks to you like glue.

In reality, it flowsthrough you. You are not a stopping point but a conductor.

29 Ways to Attract Money Now

I liken itto traffic on a busy street. Imagine that you are in control of all the traffic lights on a busystreet. The cars flowing by are dollars. If you try to jump out in themiddle of traffic and capture the dollars, you do nothing but causechaos.

It then takes much more time and energy to get traffic flowingagain. Here again, gathering a few specific dollars is not nearly aspowerful as controlling an entire stream of money.

You can direct thisstream at will — which allows you to have the kind of life you dreamabout. Wealthy people understand the concept of directing a stream ofmoney rather than hoarding it.

They know that money in motionis a powerful tool, while money just sitting is doing nothing but 40 www. Step 2: Give Without Expectationlosing value. Unfortunately, most people who want to attract moneyinto their lives merely sit back and wait to receive it. When I explain this idea, there is usually a room full of peoplenodding and agreeing as if they get it. But it can be a struggle toactually understand the idea on an everyday level. This is why we have retirementfunds and save for a rainy day.

These things are not necessarily bad,but the idea that this type of mindset is the way to true wealth is justplain wrong. We all know people who struggle to make ends meet each month. They have a mindset that focuses on what they lack, so rather thanbeing a conduit for more money, they constantly try to chase moneyor try to make their money stretch.

He was a long-time real estate investor, and known topinch pennies at every opportunity. Needless to say, my ideas about attracting money fell on deaf ears. He was convinced that making money was hard. He told the story ofhow his parents had survived the Depression by barely scraping by. They considered giving money to others a sin. My nickname for himbecame Scrooge because he thought anyone who spent money wasone brick shy of a full load.

That is simply not true. Even a small amount of moneyapplied in just the right way can produce powerful results. Not toolong ago, after one of our notorious Texas downpours, a friend of minecalled and said part of his ceiling collapsed. He never even noticed aleak. But over time — drop by drop — water had worked its way throughthe roof and rotted out the ceiling.

It only took one good rain showerto bring the whole thing tumbling down. When you think about adrop of water, it looks and feels harmless — but drops of water overtime carved the Grand Canyon. Get in the Flow So if money needs to circulate, how do you start?

See a Problem?

Read that again and again. Remember what I said about setting aside those old beliefs? I bet youinstantly had them rear up at the idea of giving money away. Howcan giving away money attract more money? Giving without expectation of return from a specific sourceis the second step to attracting money into your life. If what you put out is negative, thenyou receive negative returns. These ideasare simple statements of the Law of Attraction. If you give freely,without any expectation of return, you will receive back in kind manytimes over — not to mention the sheer joy that giving brings intoyour life.

Give Without Expectation Some people think giving has nothing to do with makingmoney. I believe they are intertwined. The more you give, the moreyou receive — which allows you to give even more. You can give tothose you love or to those who inspire you. You can give to yourreligious organization or charity. In short, give money towhatever or whoever has made you feel uplifted, inspired, encouragedor happier. Two Levels of Giving There are actually two levels of giving.

The first is well knownto most people. It is called tithing. Ihave to admit that years ago I really struggled with the idea. Partiallybecause I usually heard it from someone with a vested interest in gettingme to believe it! People like ministers, non-profit organizations, andcharities.

I thought they wanted me to give, so they can have their cutof my money. I thought it was a total scam! I would sit back and listen suspiciously, refusing to download into what Ithought they were selling.

I refused to fall for it. I was choking offthe supply before it even got started. Even if I pried a few bucks out of my wallet, I would waitimpatiently to get those few dollars back in return. The problemwas my mindset. I gave grudgingly; not freely and with joy. Itis this joy of giving without expectation that must be mastered beforeyou can move on to the next level, which is seeding.

John talks about planting the seed of attraction. This seedis giving. And giving has the power to bring more riches into yourlife. In order to attract more money into your life, you have to give.

This www. When yougive, you open the door inside of you to receive. The more you give,the wider that door swings open. Giving comes back to you, but itonly comes back through the same opening you made. This is important because you also want to attract morespiritual and inspirational nourishment for your journey. That sourcecan come from anybody.

Itcould be the cab driver offering an uplifting story, or a woman fromchurch who always thinks of others. It can be anybody. That always amazes me. Just stop, reflect, and be honest with yourself. Ask, Who or what inspired me today? Your inspiration could comefrom anyplace or anybody.

Maybe it was a smile you received from astranger. Maybe it was a fortune cookie. Maybe it was from a minister,politician it could happen , family member or friend. When you do, reach into your pocket and give some money to thatperson, place or source.

Opening the Door A few years ago I heard about a little boy named Kirk. Kirk hada pediatric stroke six weeks after birth. A mutual friendof mine, Kevin Hogan, told me about Kirk. Kevin was raising moneyto get Kirk some much-needed therapy. Kirk would strap into the machine and therapists would 44 www. Give Without Expectationbe able to move his body in ways that retrain his mind and body toconnect.

The machine would allow his brain and his physical body tostart working together again. So I went to my blog and told myreaders that I needed help raising money. I told the whole story,posted a photo of Kirk, as well as a photo of the machine. Inshort order, a couple thousand dollars came in.

I was disappointed. It was absolutely exquisite! I was homeless, living in poverty at one point in my life. I wason unemployment until the government cut me off. I was suffering,struggling, going through terrible times. I felt fantastic. The power of this gift opened the giving door in my life evenwider — allowing more than I could ever imagine to flow back in mydirection.

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