Do it yourself culture A broad term referring to a range of grassroots political Otesha Project Resource Guide pdf. PDF | It is not the aim of this Introduction, or even of this special issue, to give a comprehensive account of the history and development of Do It Yourself activity. A Do-It-Yourself (“DIY”) Project Guide provides simple, step-by-step instructions for planning and PDF file in the supplemental materials section'. Frequently.

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Understanding the do-it-yourself consumer: DIY motivations We focus on a specific form of prosumption known as Do-It-Yourself. (DIY), which. Many domains of DIY (do-it-yourself) activity, like knitting and http:// 13 . In a mass consumer society, do-it-yourself (DIY) is a very peculiar way of obtaining goods. Why do people choose to make things themselves when they can.

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Using the Website Detective

This package is a great success! I figured I could save the effort for when I needed to cut out the final cardboard pieces. The bottom photo shows a piece of the Viewer Case that I cut out from the pizza box using the utility knife and ruler.

The template paper is still stuck to it. Using the X-Acto knife upper right photo , I cut out the openings and cut away the curved edges. I did this by carefully stabbing through the template and cardboard, gently sawing a little along the path of the black lines, pulling out the X-Acto, stabbing through another part of the line, sawing, and so on.

Take your time when doing this. Howard Wen A shortcut when cutting the Viewer Case Here is one of the two parts of the Viewer Case with the interior openings cut out and the curved edges finished. On the lower right is the same piece with the template paper peeled off.

The cardboard behind Cardboard

Note that I ignored the two curved tabs at the bottom of the template. I squared off this flap with sharp corners and a straight line. Similarly, I cut out as rectangles what are depicted on the template as two rounded openings. I figured these rounded designs were nonessential to the function of the viewer Howard Wen Joining the pieces of the Viewer Case The top photo shows the other half of the Viewer Case cut from the pizza box, with the template paper peeled away. In the bottom photo, I joined the two pieces of the Viewer Case with masking tape -- that's the vertical strip of tape.

Gray lines marked on the template show where you make a fold on the corresponding cardboard part. So, using the X-Acto and ruler, I lightly scored these parts of the cardboard, folded out the cardboard along the scored line, and then folded it back in along the line. The strip of masking tape that runs horizontally in this photo is where I made a mistake: I scored a line along the wrong path.

So I used masking tape to strengthen the cardboard. Howard Wen A tip for cutting the Lens Holder Use the X-Acto to cut through the three outer curves first in these circular patterns top left and then cut the three inner curves next bottom left.

This will make removing these interior openings easier than trying to cut them out in a single clockwise or counter-clockwise path. On the right is the Lens Holder fully cut out from the pizza box, without the template paper.

Here I'm carefully finishing up cutting its edges. In the upper right is what the finished piece looks like. Howard Wen Putting it all together Bringing the three pieces together is fairly straightforward: You insert the lenses into the Lens Holder upper left photo , which you then fold upon itself like a flattened "N.

Alas, all that finely intricate cutting I did, which I was proud of, was for naught.

Electricity for Young Makers: Fun and Easy Do-It-Yourself Projects - PDF

Next you place the tabs on the top of the Lens Holder the edge opposite where the nose cutout is into the corresponding slots on the Viewer Case. Then brace it all by sliding the Vertical Divider's tabs into the appropriate slots on the other two pieces upper right.

After that you just keep wrapping the Viewer Case around the Lens holder lower left , inserting tabs into slots as you go along.

Google's official Cardboard kit included a piece of double-sided tape to hold the left flap of the Viewer Case into place, thus securing the entire thing together. But that fancy stuff is expensive!

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As you can see in the lower right photo, I found the masking tape to be just as effective. Howard Wen Final touches To finish out my snazzy new Cardboard viewer, I added the magnets, the Velcro and the rubber band.

The two magnets are used to create a sliding switch mechanism.

You place the ring magnet in a certain spot on the outside of the viewer upper left photo , and the ceramic disc magnet goes in the same spot on the inside of the viewer lower left photo.

The inside disc magnet stays in place, but you can slide the outside ring magnet down with your finger, which magnetically triggers functions in a Cardboard app running on the Android phone inside the viewer. When you let go, the ring magnet will slide back up because it's drawn by the magnetic pull of the inside disc magnet.

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Do it yourself! Pricing For more details about pricing plans please contact us at sales activepoint.Their last name, if they took one, usually referred to where they were born: Artists since Leonardo have created many different versions of the perspectograph, including ones with grids that made it really easy to transfer a rough sketch onto a piece of paper or canvas: The first photographs were taken by a French chemist named Joseph Nicephore Niepce in If someone should hang a good deal of wool, tied together on one end of a large pair of scales, and should balance it with stones at the other end in a place where the air is temperate it would be found that the weight of the wool would increase when the air became more humid, and decrease when the air tended to dryness.

Do It Yourself CAS Assessment 2014.pdf

In , two men named Paul Letterman and Katchen Paulus invented the first knapsack parachute. Also known as BC. The end of the chopstick should cover your last knuckle on each finger and thumb.

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