CBSE revision notes for class 10 Social Science NCERT chapter wise notes with key points and chapter summary for 10 Social Science all chapters in PDF. These CBSE Social Science class 10 Notes are very important for understanding all the topics. These SST Class 10 Notes are for History, Geography, Civics and Economics subjects. Class 10 Geography Chapter wise Notes. 10TH RBSE SOCIAL SCIENCE NOTES PDF FREE DOWNLOAD(CLICK TO OPEN) 10TH SOCIAL SCIENCE NOTES SA-1 PDF FREE(CLICK ON THIS TO GET PDF) can't access easily coaching institute who belongs to backward classes.

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All these Class 10 notes/eBooks will help you study and prepare well for your exams. These PDF eBooks for Class 10 Science, Maths, SST. Guys, the best website is one that provides latest syllabus study material which is easy to grasp and read, and in PDF format so that you can download and study. Smt. Annapurneswari M TGT Social Science KV Thrissur. Smt. Jaishree present the Support Study Material for Social Studies of Class-X for the . Page

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One case study to be introduced 4. Chapter 5 utilization.

Note : Content mentioned on page no. Aluminium Smelting, development and debate over the role Chemical Industries, Fertilizer Industry, Cement of government towards sustainable Industry is not required to be deliver in class development.

Life Lines of National Economy: Importance communication in the ever shrinking world. Prelimes Class X.

Note: Any similar activity may be taken up. To what extent has power sharing mechanisms.

How has by communalism to Indian democracy. How do communal divisions affect democracy?

Belgium recognized the existence of regional differences and cultural diversities. Between and , they amended their constitution four times so as to work out an arrangement that would enable everyone to live together within the same country. Here are some of the elements of the Belgian model: a.

Constitution prescribes that the number of Dutch and French-speaking ministers shall be equal in the central government. Many powers of the central government have been given to states government of the two of the regions of the country.

Chapter wise CBSE Class 10 Science Notes

Brussels has separated government in which both the communities have equal representation. Apart from the central and state government, there is a third kind of government. This is community government.

In Belgium, the leaders have realized that the unity of the country is possible only by respecting the feelings and interests of different communities and regions.

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Sri Lanka shows us a contrasting example. It shows us that if a majority community wants to force its dominance over others and refuses to share power, it can undermine the unity of the country. Why is power sharing desirable?

Thus, two different sets of reasons can be given in favor of power sharing. Firstly, power sharing is good because it helps to reduce the possibility of conflict between social groups. There is a second, deeper reason why power sharing is good for democracy.

Power sharing is very spirit of democracy. A democratic rule involves sharing power with those affected by its exercise, and who have to live with it effects. While prudential reasons stress that power sharing will bring out better outcomes, moral reasons emphasizes the very act of the power sharing as valuable.

The Pre Modern World 1.

Human societies have steadily more interlinked. Travelers, traders, priest and pilgrims travelled vast distance for carrying goods, money, ideas, skills, inventions and even germs and disease.

Indus Vally civilisation was linked with West Asia. Cowries a form of currency from the Maldives. Silk Route Link the World 1.

The silk routes were regarded as the most important route linking the distant parts of the world.Rowlatt satyagraha was organized in different parts of the country against this Black Act.

The civil war caused a terrible setback to the social, cultural and economic life of the country. Uploaded By pai69p. The leaders of the Sinhala community sought to secure dominance over the government by virtue of their majority.

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How did it become part of the nationalist movement? To understand the making of global world we have to understand the history of trade, migration and people search for work and the movement of capitals. Your feedback is our motivation to improve the website contents and quality of the pages to make it students friendly. As a result, the relations between the Sinhala and Tamil communities strained over time.

Power sharing arrangement can also be seen in the way political parties, pressure groups and movements control or influence those in power. Sri Lankan emerged as an independent country in

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