Mormon survival tips, based around canning and wheat. Passport To Survival Esther Dickey by: esther DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. download Passport to Survival: Four Foods and More to Use and Store on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Esther Dickey is definitely "Old School" but the book is a classic. Print Friendly and PDF The premise of Esther Dickey's "Passport To Survival" is that we can survive, and not have appetite fatigue, with four survival Esther calls wheat, powdered milk, honey, and salt the Survival Four.

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A great list of our top picks for self sufficiency and survival books that every I also have the pdf available for free to download in the downloads section “ Passport to Survival” by Esther Dickey and “How to Survive the End of. Free site ePUB or eBook. EPUB acronyme de electronic publication New Download [ Passport to Survival ] author [ Esther Dickey ]. See details and download book: Read Books Online Download The New Passport Steps To Self Sufficient Living Pdf Epub Mobi By Rita Bingham Esther Dickey.

What Books do you think are important to have?

Reviewed by: Sondra Wollbrinck, www. We downloadd it in and unless you were living under a rock, you know why we did that. I know it will be the book we keep on hand as our times change.

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It is divided into four well-organized parts and 18 easy to read chapters. Dickey accurately portrays the times we see in front of us now.

The four survival foods, wheat, milk, honey and salt were chosen based on their usability and storability. Wheat; beef protein may be superior to wheat protein but in the storability category, there is no contest, wheat will last many years and is also more versatile. Honey; it is a universal sweetener and really do I need to say more?

And if you can find local honey it is useful for treating allergies.

Salt; in reality it is a mineral, it is involved in almost all cellular processes. Forty more: she suggests 40 more foods to put in your long term storage and explains why you need them. You will not want to wait for the crisis to try them; she suggests a day trial run using the basic four. Beyond Collapse T. Joseph Miller Jr.

Table of contents

This book has a lot of information as to what to do before and after a collapse. Food Drying Phyllis Hobson I love this book I have had it for some time, It is an older book and seems to cover everything, even meat and dairy.

It also tells how to build a dehydrator. Stocking up by the staff of Organic Gardening and Farming This is another older book that I just love. It covers everything.

There is so much information in this book.

Passport to Survival Esther Dickey. This book comes from the LDS book store and is another old book. It has a lot of food storage recipes using wheat, salt, honey and powdered milk.

I mean seriously who know you could make Ice cream and pudding with these four things. This is my go to book when making soap it has a ton of information on soap making.

This one I downloaded off the internet it is copyrighted it has a lot of basic information on sewing. I have several books on sewing, but if you are just starting out a book with the basics is what you want. I have all my photos, family history, household documents all on flashdrives and CDs, plus I have sent copies of the photos, family history, and other items to family members, so should something happen to one part of the family, while they may not have all their own personal photos, at least they can get what has been sent to other family members.

BTW: this is my semi-annual reminder to my family members to get their homes in order.

My laptop screen went out about three weeks ago. I hooked up my old, OLD desktop and to my surprise I could access very few websites because the operating system was not compatible and I had a very old version of the web explorer installed. I also have plans to download another external hard drive as soon as I can and have another copy of everything and put it in a faraday cage. I would really like some practical tips for efficient food rotation.

My way works but it is time consuming and I think it could be way more efficient. Lastly, and most excitingly to me, I was up most all night last night reading One Second After. I simply could not stop until I was done. I have refocused my efforts to do something on a much larger scale than i ever would have dreamed of doing before. I am so on fire and energized by this that I emailed a pdf copy of this book to people on my contact list. Use it, then go to the next month. I have seen this done where everything is in one place in the home.

I stopped doing that part when I was robbed. They took my stored foods PLUS they cleaned out my freezer! I did surprise our insurance agent though.

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LOL You should have seen the look on his face when I handed him an inventory. Dee Oct 21, Under? I mean store in different places.I found this section to be very well done and easy to understand. Little did I know what a wealth of information Esther has in this book!

Passport To Survival Esther Dickey 1969

A brighter day will prevail. Dee Oct 19, This was the first week of cool weather, so this week I changed out my bug out everything from warm weather to cold weather gear.

LOL You should have seen the look on his face when I handed him an inventory.

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I do like studying docunments kindly. Look through my other posts. I'm keen on soap shoes.